Eah has taken a music teacher training course at Mills College, in Oakland, California, based on the work of Orff-Schulwerk. She leads group music classes and teaches private music lessons on harp, piano and guitar, while also incorporating singing into her lessons.

She has visited several schools as a guest artist, bringing various musicians together, performing on uncommon instruments, to bring an exciting and interactive experience to the children. Once, while asking the children if they had any questions, a young boy asked “Why are you not here every day!”

Eah has taught music in Sweden and has also held group music sessions at both schools and orphanages while traveling in Belize and Guatemala.

Eah approaches teaching from many angles. She has always enjoyed music theory and likes to pass on her wealth of knowledge. However, she believes that music is first and foremost a feeling experience and therefore sees it as a priority to feel the music before the necessity of reading it.

To aid in learning to read and write music Eah encourages her students to compose their own songs, something she herself loves to do! She finds that many students, some still quite young, get very excited about their own compositions and have written some wonderful songs.

Eah has studied drumming and sees rhythm as a very basic and important element in music. She guides her students through rhythm exercises and allows them to put together their own rhythm patterns.

Eah strives to combine a classical and theoretical training with a more hands on, spontaneous approach. Most importantly music is meant to be fun and to feel good! When a student is approaching practice as pleasure, rather then a chore, they will naturally want to continue playing for a lifetime. Of course a healthy dose of discipline is required. If a student is taught both how to read, compose and improvise music, they can alternate between a disciplined study and light-hearted play, and in so doing keep the musical experience fresh and exciting!



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