Erika “Eah” Herren

Education & International Experience

Erika “Eah” Herren has been playing the Celtic harp and the piano professionally since 1997, both solo and with various groups, at a wide range of events. Eah plays many different styles of music, including jazz, Latin, folk, classical, world music, rock, hip-hop and of course her own original music, which spans across all of these genres.

Eah has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the US and Central America. She is based in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, while spending a lot of her time in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing and recording.

Eah is a dual citizen of Sweden and has spent many years studying music there, at Karolinska Skolan. Furthermore, she has studied music at Mills College, Sierra College and San Francisco City College. Besides the harp and piano, Eah is also a singer and has been playing the guitar since 1993. She began composing her own music at the age of 11 and has been busy creating and recording music ever since.




Eah has been playing the harp at weddings since 1997. She is very professional and always receives many compliments from her wedding clients and their guests. She frequently works with DJ Goyo of Uptempo Productions. Besides being a DJ, he is also a stand- up bass player and percussionist. Together they provide all of the music for the wedding. Eah usually begins by playing a selection of classical and folk songs, during the half-hour prior to the ceremony, while the guests are arriving. She then performs the specifically chosen pieces for the ceremony. DJ Goyo then joins Eah at the end of the ceremony, after the kiss, to provide several lively, celebratory pieces on the harp and drum. The two then continue playing for the cocktail hour, providing a jazz/Latin set. In addition they frequently play another set during dinner.  They alternate with live music and recorded music throughout the evening. DJ Goyo typically acts as the MC for the wedding, announcing speakers and the various activities. He then fills the dance floor, while spinning a wide selection of great dance music. Unlike many DJs these days, the majority of the music he plays is on vinyl records. DJ Goyo has been spinning records professionally since 1995. For more info on how to book him, visit www.djgoyo.com.


Eah has performed with various groups, at festivals and in venues across the US and into Canada. In San Francisco, where she keeps the busiest, she has played at such clubs/restaurants as The Independent, Cafe du Nord, Amnesia, The Hemlock, Hotel Utah, El Rincon, 12 Galaxies, Brunos, The Super Club, El Rio, Ireland’s 32, Ziryab, We Be Sushi and more…

Parties, Events and More

Eah performs at art exhibits, auctions, dinner parties and much more.


Children’s Tea Party and Birthday Party

Eah creates a lovely atmosphere for a Child’s Tea Party or Birthday Party. Besides playing on the Celtic, folk harp, she often brings along a small, African harp, which children love to play on. In addition she brings the guitar and various percussion instruments,  for group sing along and games, to provide a joyous, musical experience.


Music for the Elderly

Some of Eah’s favorite performing experiences have been at assisted living homes for the elderly. She plays both the harp and piano (when available), while singing on many of the songs.

Eah also offers relaxing music for the sick and dying, providing a calming atmosphere for their visiting friends and family members. She has also been a part of numerous memorial services.


Studio Musician

Besides being involved in many recording projects of her own, with various bands, Eah also works as a Studio Musician, recording tracks on harp, piano, guitar and vocals.



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